Introducing Zachary

Our next interview is with Zachary, the male lead of Blood of the Immortal. To get better insight into who he is, the interview takes place 300 years before the story does, just before his imprisonment.


Name: Zachary Wilhelm

Age: (at time of interview) 28

Appearance: Just under six feet in height, athletic build, long dark hair, sapphire eyes, handsome face. In a perfect world, Nicholas Hoult would play Zachary (granted, he’d either have to grow his hair longer or wear a wig, but that’s not really an issue).


Personality: Fiercely loyal, protective of those he cares for. Not one to back down from a fight. Very active. Highly intelligent.

 1.    How long have you been a vampire?

Three years. However, if you ask Layla, my maker’s daughter, I am not a true vampire. I have never fed from a human. I also do not need as much blood as a newly turned vampire should.

2.    Do you know why that is?

No. Perhaps one day I will, but as of now, I do not think on it much. I did not ask for this life. If it were not for the increased abilities, I could almost fool myself into believing I am still human.

3.    What abilities do you have?

Flying, increased speed and strength, some mind manipulation, telekinesis…Matthias, my maker, says my powers will increase as I age, but as of now, I do not have much.

4.    Does your family know what’s happened to you?

My younger brother is aware, but I have not seen my sister or older brother in almost five years. It has been even longer since I have spoken to my father. If my mother was still alive, I am certain she would accept me for what I have become. It is possible this never would have happened.

5.    Why did it happen?

*Shrugs* Mother always used to say “Problems arise when secrets are kept.” She was right. Thankfully, Matthias saw the truth in my memories, and turned me instead of killing me. Though sometimes I wish he had killed me.

6.    What secrets are you keeping?

I would rather not answer that.

7.    Did you leave anyone special behind when you became a vampire?

No. There were plenty of attractive women around, but none interested me. They did not have what I was looking for.

8.    Which was?

Passion, intelligence, a desire for adventure, a kind heart, and a beautiful soul. Someone who challenges me. It is not that the women I was around had none of these features. I just did not find that one soul that called to me. But I know she is out there, somewhere.

9.    Did you have any special skills as a human?

I am an expert swordsman, I can speak three languages, and I was quite agile before this happened. My mother gave me the nickname Swift as a child.

10.  If you could have one wish, what would it be?

To be human again. As I said, I did not ask to become a vampire, and to me, this life is a curse. I will watch everyone I have ever cared for leave this world, while I remain to suffer the loss.

11. What are your feelings on religion?

I used to have faith in the gods, but now I am not so sure they exist. Why would they allow beings such as myself to roam the world, free of their control?

12. Do you have any fears?

I have never been comfortable in tight spaces.

13. What flaws do you have?

Well…I hold grudges. Once you have made me angry, do not expect me to forgive you quickly.

14. What do you hope to see in the future?

I do not have the gift of seeing the future, but I do hope to have a family again, perhaps find my true mate. I do not know if I can cope with an eternity alone.



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