Meet My Character

So I was tagged by Nancy Tucker, a fellow author, to do a post about a character in an upcoming book. In turn, I’m tagging Brenda Hasse and W.C. Hoffman.

The idea of this is to introduce a character from a recently completed piece or a work-in-progress. The following questions were part of the challenge:

  •   What is your character’s name?
  •    Is your character a fictional or historical person?
  •    When and where is the story set?
  •    What should we know about him/her?
  •    What is the main conflict/ what messes up up his/her life?
  •    What is the personal goal of the character?
  •    Is there a working title for the book and where can we read more about it?
  •    When can we expect it to be published?

We’re then supposed to tag other authors, asking them to do the same, and we put little bios for those authors the the end of our post. So, here goes!

1-2. My character’s name is Skye Lockhart, and she is fictional.

3. Most of the story takes place in the fictional city of Haven, located on the coast of Mass. (Though now that I think about it, the name of the city is only given once, and I never say the state.) In the last few chapters, the characters travel to the Sidhe homeland, called Lavora.

4. Skye isn’t what she thinks she is. In other words, she’s not a normal young woman. Certain aspects of her life, her heritage, have been hidden from her. She prefers to solve problems on her own, not wanting to rely on others or possibly risk their safety. That being said, when she knows she can’t do something on her own, she’ll go to others.

5. The conflict begins with Skye attempting to distance herself from her abusive ex-boyfriend, but it becomes much more. Skye is smack in the middle of a two-century long battle between Sidhe clans. She must discover her strength if she is to bring an end to the war.

6, In the beginning, Skye’s goal is to get away from her ex. Later, it shifts to finding a way to end the war, keep her family safe, and protect everyone in the human land.

7. The working title is Heart of Lavora. I’ll probably be posting more information about it on my blog soon.

8. I’m in the process of sending to agents at the moment, so I don’t have an exact date as to when it’ll be out.

Brenda Hasse is an author of children’s books, as well as young adult novels. She has several children’s books out, such as My Horsy and Me, What Can We Be?, A Unicorn For My Birthday, and Yes I Am Loved. Her YA novel is titled Wilkinshire. 

W.C. Hoffman’s debut novel, Twins of Prey, is a great outdoors mystery/action story based in the woods Michigan. It’s part of a three book series, and book two should be out soon! (Sorry, I don’t remember the exact date, though I believe it’s in October)


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