Heart Of Lavora

I’m hoping to have my next novel, Heart of Lavora, out by next month. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting info about the book, characters within it, and updates on how the publishing is going. For now, here’s the blurb for the novel!

Skye doesn’t believe in fairy tales. In her mind, happily-ever-after doesn’t exist. It can’t, not when her abusive ex-boyfriend won’t leave her alone. But all that changes when she meets Aiden.

She recognizes him the minute they meet—as the man she’s spent weeks dreaming about. While she can’t explain it, she feels an instant connection to him. Electricity strikes every time they touch. He knows things about her before she says them. After witnessing the aftermath of a run-in with her ex, all efforts to keep her distance prove futile. Aiden refuses to allow it to happen again.

But Aiden is hiding a big secret. So is everyone else around Skye. Learning the truth makes her realize there’s more out there than she ever imagined, and throws her into the middle of a war between two factions of Sidhe. Only the Heart of Lavora can save both the Sidhe and the humans from destruction.

Can Skye discover how to bring peace to both lands? Or will the war ravaging Lavora spill into the human world?


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