I realized today that I’d been away from the blog for much longer than I intended (not that I’m very good at keeping up with this anyway, but it’s been over two months, so…). So just a quick update on things…

1. Book 2 of the Blood Trilogy is going well. I’m just over half done with it (I know, I know, I should be further along, but…well, certain characters have been fighting me lately. They want to do their own thing, which has made the book go in a different direction than I’d planned. But we’ll get there. I’m really hoping to be finished with it by the fall, but you never know with these things!

2. I have two more book signings coming up in July. One is the Fenton Art Walk, and the other will be at CC & Company in Fenton (no date yet on that one). I’ll have both Blood of the Immortal and Heart of Lavora available at these.

3. As a result of my weird mind that can’t seem to stay on JUST ONE story at a time, I’ve been working on a couple other projects besides just Original Blood (working title for Blood 2). One is the story of the daughter of Eros, God of love. Another is a sci-fi/fantasy romance involving a warrior from another planet looking for a missing princess on Earth. I have a few others in my repertoire that I’ve put a few lines to paper on, but for the most part those are the ones I’ve been working on. I also have plans for Book 3 of Blood, but I can’t really work on that one until Book 2 is finished.

Someone really needs to crack a whip on me and force me to stick to just one project!


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