First Blood sample

As promised, here’s the first chapter of First Blood, the second book in the Blood Trilogy.


Chapter 1


Music blared around me, the rhythmic beating overpowering all other noise. I leaned against the bar counter, scanning the throngs of humans dancing and moving about the club in an attempt to locate my brother. Sighing, I glanced to my watch. It was almost two in the morning. He was late, as usual.

I turned back to the counter and nodded to the bartender, catching his attention, then held up my empty bottle of beer. He nodded back. Seconds later, a fresh beer landed on the counter before me. “Thanks,” I said, handing him a ten. I didn’t care that it was more than twice the cost of the beer; it was an assurance he’d keep them coming.

I brought the bottle to my lips and drank, the cool liquid quenching my thirst. Thankfully, I didn’t crave blood, or being in such close proximity with humans would be dangerous.

As I turned back to the dancers, I sensed the presence of another immortal being. I closed my eyes and focused, tuning all my senses to the individual. All sound fell away, leaving only the beating hearts of everyone around me. A little more concentration, and the faster human heartbeats faded. Silence. A vampire had entered the club, not my immortal brother.

I slowly took in a breath, allowing my senses to return to normal. The music once more pounded in my ears, making me regret coming here. I didn’t understand how humans enjoyed places like this, or why Vic did. I hated nightclubs. Every time Vic dragged me to one, I ended up getting into a fight with someone. He blamed it on my drinking. I believed it had more to do with my low tolerance to assholes.

Before I had a chance to scan the crowd and visually locate the vampire, a hand touched my shoulder. I looked to my right to see a tall, thin, blonde-haired woman with dark brown eyes standing beside me. Shit, I thought. Of course she had to be the vampire that walked into the club. I turned away. “Elise.”

If she heard the dismissiveness in my tone, she chose to ignore it. She leaned in closer, her long hair brushing against my arm. “I’ve missed you, Lover,” she said into my ear. “Come dance with me.”

I rolled my eyes and shook her off. “Not going to happen.”

“Oh, come on, Corbin.” She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pressing her breasts into me. “You know you want me in your arms again.”

“Nope.” I took another swig of my drink, hoping Vic would hurry up. “I’m done with this game, Elise.”

Elise pulled back. “What game would that be?”

Scoffing, I faced her. “Playing dumb? That’s mature. Look, I know what you’re up to, and I’m done.”

She fluttered her eyelashes. “I don’t know what you mean, Lover.”

“Your power play won’t work.”

Elise dropped her arms. “Power play?”

“Zach sees right through you. He’d never allow you to have any sort of command in the coven.”

She shook her head. “Who said anything about wanting to command the coven?” She took hold of my hand. “I just want you.”

“Liar,” I said, pulling my hand away. “Even if you did, I don’t want you. Not anymore.”

“You can’t mean that.”

“You know I don’t lie, Elise.”

Her eyes flashed red with anger. “You do still want me, Corbin. And I can prove it.”

As she stomped away from me, I lifted my beer again. “Good luck with that,” I muttered, knowing she’d still hear me.

A chuckle sounded beside me. I didn’t need to turn to know Vic had finally arrived, and witnessed the entire scene with Elise. “Pissing people off already, I see,” he said, taking a seat beside me.

“Elise isn’t people. She’s a leach.”

“You know she can hear you.”

“I really don’t give a shit.”

Vic shook his head. “Well, do you care that she’s dancing with—”

“Nope.” I swallowed the last of my beer. “She can do whatever the hell she wants.”

Click here for the rest of First Blood Chapter 1


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